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Topics of Interest

HCICTE 2010 covers technological, pedagogical, organizational, instructional, as well as policy aspects of ICT in Education and e-Learning. Special emphasis is given to applied research relevant to educational practice guided by the educational realities in schools, colleges, universities and informal learning organizations. In a more generic scope, the Conference aims to encompass broader issues determining ICT integration in practice, including learning and teaching, curriculum and instructional design, learning media and environments, teacher education and professional development, assessment and evaluation, etc.

HCICTE 2010 aims to serve as a forum for academicians and researchers from around the world to present their current work. The Conference especially welcomes articles coming from the Greek Diaspora, as well as the Mediterranean countries.

Main topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • ICT-based Learning
  • Computer Supported Collaborative Learning
  • Learning, eLearning and Pedagogy
  • Learning Technologies
  • ICT and Instructional Design
  • E-Content - Development and Delivery
  • 21 st century Education - Educational policy and ICT
  • Education for sustainable development, Sustainable School and ICT
  • ICT and Teachers' Professional Development
  • Sociology of Education and ICT
  • ICT-enhanced Science Education
  • ICT-enhanced Language Learning
  • Educational Gaming
  • Virtual Learning Environments
  • Web 2.0 applications in Education
  • Social Networks for Learning and Knowledge Sharing
  • Wireless, Mobile and Ubiquitous Technologies for Learning
  • E-learning in Higher and Tertiary Education
  • E-learning and lifelong Learning
  • ICT and lifelong Learning
  • Distance Learning – Models, Systems and Architectures
  • Digital Literacy and Digital Competence
  • E-Assessment - Theories and Methodologies
However, innovative contributions that don't fit into these areas will also be considered since they might be of benefit to conference attendees.


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